Rising Star – The Annual

Rising Star – The Annual is a publication that highlights the gems of wisdom and knowledge discovered through the Rising Star Programme in South Africa and serves to give back to all of those that have supported the project over the past few years.


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This publication aims to:

Help SA government and businesses understand:

Provide the following Editorial Features:

Distribute the latest News and Information to:

Provide the following benefits for advertisers:

• How we can develop the leaders of tomorrow
• How we can create role models for people of all backgrounds in business
• Overcoming key issues businesses face when trying to recruit international talent
• Unmissable strategies and practices for attracting, training and retaining top talent
• How the government and companies can create growth through employment opportunity
• The skills we will need now, and how we should educate the workforce of tomorrow
• How government and businesses can work together to tackle our crippling youth unemployment
• What the government needs to do to make employment red tape more manageable

• Talent: Whose Job Is It Anyway?
• The Stars Speak Out – What Engages Me?
• Can Talent Aspirations and Organisational Goals be Aligned?
• Women in traditionally male industries
• Diversity in talent: the Art of Balance
• Social media – the new way of doing business
• Profit with Purpose – the role of CSI in talent retention
• The ROI of developing talent
• The value of Mentorship and Skills transfer in developing and retaining talent
• Inner Resource, Outer Success (Rising Stars)

  • All our recognized Stars over the past 4 years
  • Their Supporters
  • Managers
  • CEOs and
  • Mentors

• Positive impact on employer of choice/great place to work initiatives
• Access to broad network of SA’s identified Rising Stars
• Participation in and access to the development of Rising Star profiles / talent profiles which are culturally sensitive to SA
• Opportunity to engage in dialogue with Rising Stars, other blue chip SA organisations and learning &
• development providers on what development and support needs Rising Stars have / Rising Star identification processes / engagement issues / etc


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